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When looking for the perfect stone for any landscaping project, basalt columns and boulders are the perfect choice. Holes can be drilled allowing for water features and bottoms can be sawn for easily installing. Columns are an artistic, durable, and beautiful product.

Basalt is a volcanic rock that is used for a variety of construction and decorating needs. If you’re looking to redesign a yard or garden, or even enhance an existing one, basalt columns and boulders are an excellent choice. They could be placed in a garden or yard as artistic structures to enhance the landscaping, or holes can be drilled through the stone to facilitate the creation of a beautiful water feature. As well, the bottoms are able to be sawn for easy installation. They make for an artistic, unique, durable, and easily maintained product.

Black Tusk basalt exterior columns are decorative landscaping stones that are used to add a unique beauty to any garden, yard, or landscaping project. They may be used as edging stones for garden accents and retaining walls or used to create exquisite customized water features.



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