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Oaks Landscaping


Oaks Landscaping Products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a tighly controlled, fully monitored production environment. Oaks Concrete Products are guaranteed to be free of material defects for as long as the original Purchaser (Homeowner), owns the residence where the product(s) are installed. 

When you purchase Oaks Concrete Products (a division of Brampton Brick Limited), you make an investment in longevity, in stunning aesthetics and in us. We take that investment seriously. We are motivated to strive to do more, to do better; we aspire to be the industry leader, evolving to meet the needs of clients and stay ahead of market trends. From our state of the art production facilities, to quality control, distribution and customer service, we ensure our products are made to last while exceeding our customers’ dreams.


 Eterna                                                                                Presidio
Matrix Finish                                                                 Villanova
 Market Paver                                                                Enviro Passagio
 Wexford                                                                           Monterey


Eden and Valders

Harvested from an area known as the Niagara Escarpment, Eden Stone is fortunate to have access to material that is time tested as well as aesthetically driven.  The mineral composition as well as the tight compaction of these layers resulted in an extremely dense, high strength Limestone.  This is known as Type III, High-Density Dolomitic Limestone. Per ASTM testing standards, Type III represents the highest performance characteristics of a limestone material. This gives us the ability to execute unique applications for commercial, residential, governmental, recreational, and retail clients worldwide.  All of our natural stone products feature a broad range of colors, finishes, and textures to help create the perfect showpiece that suits your style.

Water Features                                                                         
Pool Decks and Spas
Flagstone and Steppers                                                         
Caps and Coping
Steps and Treads                                                                   
Pillar Kits
Lawn Edging                                                                             
Outdoor FireSpace                                                                 
Outcropping And Boulders


Bed Rock

Bedrock Natural Stone produces stone for landscaping, house facings, retaining walls, fireplaces, floorings, and wall claddings. We supply stone for residential and commercial projects.

Established in 1982, Bedrock Natural Stone has continuously provided quality products in a timely manner. Manufacturing stone for over 30 years has giving us the experience and knowledge in building the extensive stone collection we currently market. We are proud to offer our stones in a variety of different products. The manufacturing process begins with the quarried stones as either blocks, boulders or columns. Working with the quarried stones allows us to have complete control of the quality and consistency of our products. It also allows us to have flexibility when changes are made during a project. At Bedrock Natural Stone, our endeavour is to always provide a great product with great service, and complete projects on time.


TS Natural Stone Pavers

Your project is only as good as the products you use and at Timberstone you can find a full line of Masonry and Landscaping products to make your project perfect!