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Your project is only as good as the products you use and at Timberstone you can find a full line of Brick & Block products to make your project perfect!  Timberstone is a wholesale masonry, siding, stucco and landscaping distribution company with locations across Western Canada.  We look forward to seeing you in one of our show rooms in the very near future.

Brampton Brick

The Brampton Brick story begins in 1871 when James Packham opened the Packham Brick Works on the east side of Brampton, south of Queen St. and the railway tracks. In 1905, with a capital stock of $50,000, the company was incorporated as Brampton Pressed Brick Company Ltd. To capitalize on an abundance of local raw materials, the company relocated to Main St. North. At the crack of the twentieth century, the engineers and work force achieved an impressive output - 2 million bricks a year. In 1905, a Four Mould Boyd Brick Press machine was used to press brick. This press was 6' in height, occupied a floor space of 8'x9', and weighed about 10 tons.

Brampton BrickDemo Products

 Clay Brick

Stone Brick

 For a full list of products check out Brampton Brick website

Acme Brick

Quality and service have made Acme Brick the nation's largest American-owned brickmaker. Today Acme is part of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., the publicly traded firm headed by Warren Buffett.

Acme Brick Demo Products


 For a full list of products check out Acme Brick Website


McNear Brick and Block

Since 1868, the McNear family has efficiently used raw, natural resources and recycled materials to create their clay brick and concrete block products. Beauty that's sustainable and environmentally friendly.

McNear Thin BrickDemo Products


For a full list of products check out McNear Brick and Block Website